Tuesday, October 24

Dangerous Apps in Google PlayStore

Dangerous Apps in Google PlayStore

Let’s check which are the dangerous apps in Google PlayStore

App Names:

Currency converter





High-Speed camera

Instagram profile downloader


Quick notes


Smart task manager

Beaware of these application on your mobile phone

Google are always try to stop dangerous malware applications in Playstore. But experts say that Google Play store has many dangerous adware apps that can infiltrate into your phone and install ads. If these kinds of apps install in your mobile, it also block the funcationality of other apps. Let’s see what are the dangerous app in playstore.  

There is a  list of such dangerous from QR code scanners to some apps used for travel. Google has  detect 13 malware apps that we believe are very useful.

So if you have installed these apps, immediately you need to delete such kinds of apps from your mobile phone. Because these apps can affect your phone’s hardware and drain your battery life. Don’t download apps from third-party that are not available on Google Play Store. So make sure download and install apps from trusted soruces or official app stores. 

If you want to download app check its software background, developers before downloading and also check that how many times these kind of apps ask for permission for each setting on the phone.