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Track Your Children's Location

Track Your Children's Location

Location Tracker 
Find out mobile device location
Location tracker is designed to help you to find out the exact location of your friends (their permission required) or find the exact location of any mobile phone, as well as share your location or location of any other location that you can pick on the map, for example, the location where you want to meet your friends.
What do we have to do?
Just click the create button and share the link. If you want to share your location or set up a meeting point, you must:
  • Allow the browser to access your location.
  • Mark a point on the map (if you want to change your current location).
  • Click Create.
  • Share link.
After generating a location tracking link you can share it with your friends. If they accept to share their accurate GPS-based location, you will see it on the statistics page for your location tracker. The exact GPS-based location data on the statistics page will be labeled as "GPS". If GPS data is not available, then the location will be determined based on IP-address and it will be labeled in the statistics as "IP".

Obtaining the exact location of the user's device based on GPS coordinates requires user's consent for location sharing, otherwise the approximate location will be determined from the IP address.

The Ultimate IP Address Tracker.
Identify users, collect online details, get IP numbers. View, download and process enriched ip tracker data.
Do you need an IP tracker, to collect user profiles to your website and online assets, based on IP addresses? Need to find out what a visitor from a specific IP address did? Need to track whats working well for your business and what needs to be improved?

This is possible, using our IP tracking technology.
Our reporting system keeps track of every visitor, prospect or customer who visits your online assets, based on IP addresses. Get access to a complete record of activity-per-visit. Improve your business by tracking. All winners are trackers.

What Is An IP Address?
An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a unique numerical label assigned to a device. It provides the location of the device in a network and a route on how to get there. The internet uses an IP address to send IP packets from a source to a destination. It is a building block that lets the internet function.

Can an IP address identify me?
No, an ip address does not reveal personal information (like a name, social security number or physical address). Millions of devices, like modems and routers keep logs of ip addresses.  Your modem at home, or the 4G antennae you connect to with your phone are logging your ip  addresses. Logs are necessary to maintain the internet. Logs with IP addresses are everywhere!

A device keeping track of an ip address.

Can I track someones IP-address ?
No, you can’t just track an Ip-address. You first need to have received one. Compare it to receiving a letter. If you receive the letter, then you can figure out where the letter came from by looking at the return address. If you don’t have the letter, then you also won’t have a return address. By the same token, if a letter does not have a destination address, you will not get a letter, and there is nothing to track it back to.

In internet terms this means you need a source address, a destination address and traffic (an email or a browser action) between the two. Normally an online business has a site or app as the destination and someone surfing the web is the source. If you are a business that has a site or an app and you are receiving internet traffic to the site or app the you will be able to see the ip-addresses coming to your site or app. Other places you can also see ip addresses are in the headers of the emails you receive or the log files of routers.

Can I tag IP addresses?
Yes, This allows businesses to automatically or manually tag any ip address for future reference, or processing to other destinations.
Can I investigating click-fraud?
Yes, detect Click-fraud and provide proof where needed.

Can I following up on a leads?
Yes, search visitors & clickstreams by IP address – make a record, enter into SalesForce, or any other CRM. Know what your (potential) clients are thinking, and what they are interested in. See how often a potential leads or clients returns, along with their entire history of clicks, downloads, events, and activity.
Profit from invaluable strategic insights. Improve your funnels.

Measure your prospects and customers across complex funnels. Find bottlenecks and fix them. Increase conversions and create scalable ROI.
Identify multiple customers behind a single IP address
Our first-party cookie tracking technology allows us to identify multiple customers in the same company or organization located behind the same IP address / firewall. See when your product or service offerings are passed on for consideration or discussion within an organization. 

Details about an IP address include:

  • Referrer, Exit, search term
  • Browser name & Version
  • Platform & Devices
  • Country, Region, City
  • GPS Longitude & Latitude
  • Timezone & Language
  • ISP, Provider or Carrier
  • Company & Organization
  • Area, Postal or ZIP code
  • IP address & Connection type
  • Display size & Orientation