Wednesday, May 31

Android App to Stop Mobile Distractions

Android App to Stop Mobile Distractions

Focus on your life not your phone! Flip phone to shhh (or shush). It’s that simple. Just flip your phone screen down, wait 2 seconds and get no more distractions. Pick it up and immediately become available again. Minimal battery impact and super simple to use.

The app won’t work reliably for users with Samsung Galaxy S10 and S20 device as Samsung did fake the proximity sensor on those devices and used a touch sensor instead of proper proximity sensor.

It lets you quickly put your phone into do not disturb mode by placing it face down, and this can be replicated on other Android phones with the help of a simple app.

Imagine being in a meeting. Instead of having to go into your settings to turn on DND mode, you could just flip your phone face down on the table. Done. You will no longer be distracted by your phone. If you need to momentarily have silence, don’t fumble with your phone, just place it face down to create a distraction-free zone.

By default, the app has its “Vibrate” setting turned on. With this setting on, when you place your phone on a surface face down, it will vibrate twice to signify that it is now in do not disturb mode. When you flip or pick up your phone, it will vibrate once to signify it is no longer in DND.

The “Sound” option, when turned on, makes a “shhh” sound when you place your phone face down. “Priority DND” allows calls and messages from starred contacts to ring through while your phone is flipped over.

Flip DND will automatically start up every time you reboot your phone and the service will always be running unless you hit the “Stop” button in the app’s main menu or on the notification. In other words, you can forget you even have the app installed now.

From now on, just place your phone face down on a surface and DND mode will be activated. When DND is activated, you will not receive sound notifications or vibrations when someone texts or calls you.