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Check IMEI of your phone

Check IMEI of your phone

A mobile device is uniquely identified on the network using its IMEI, or international mobile equipment identity number. A unique 15-digit IMEI number is assigned to each mobile phone, GSM modem, and device with a built-in phone/modem. You can check various gadget details, such as the brand or model, based on this number.

Every mobile device has a separate IMEI number. The location of the mobile device's manufacture and its model number are revealed by the IMEI number. Any phone's IMEI number can be used to determine its present location. 

Even if your phone's SIM card has been removed, the IMEI number associated to the handset can still be used to track down your lost or stolen smartphone.

How IMEI number works:
The manufacturer may be determined using the IMEI number, and it can also be used to check if the device has ever been reported stolen. Additionally, IMEI numbers can be used to blacklist devices so that they are inoperable and useless if they are stolen.

Your IMEI number may be required when you register your phone or attempt to sell an old one online. Don't worry if you're struggling to remember this number and drawing a blank. Every mobile phone sold through authorised channels has an individual identifier called the IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity).

If your phone is stolen or lost, this number might be very helpful. When you report a stolen phone to the police, they typically ask for the IMEI number. Then, depending on local legislation, your phone's IMEI can be blacklisted to prevent it from connecting to networks or making calls.

The fact that an IMEI is linked to a SIM slot means that dual SIM phones will have two IMEIs. IMEI numbers are also included on tablets with cellular access.

The importance of the number in an emergency arises from this. Additionally, you can verify that it is your phone using the IMEI number if the device is found. This is how to locate the IMEI number for your phone.