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Indian History in Malayalam for Android

Indian History in Malayalam for Android

Our nation's greatest history from ages to latest, narrated in Malayalam. Here is our first app on Malayalam language, and we are very proud to present our great beloved nation's history on your android devices especially in Malayalam. This app, India History, is in Malayalam language for everyone to read, literate and improve their historical knowledge.

Do you know we are a nation of youngsters? And our nation is also youngest & biggest democracy in the world? Yes, a hundred years ago, we were not recognized as a single nation, it was all federation of various kingdoms, dynasties that defined and collectively called as the region of Hindustan, at some places as India, Bharath etc.

Our goal is to collectively present the chronological order of the events that led to the birth of the great nation, and how our nation has been standing as one of the biggest democracy in the world now.

This indian history in Malayalam app will take you through ages of our Indian history, it deals about various kingdoms that flourished and vanished in this land, the freedom movement that gave a birth to this nation. It also gives the nation's existence right from the stone age to this very time.

This complete book is subdivided into different historical events in chronological orders for the ease of reading. This pocket application will provide you the detailed information about great rulers of India, historical battles, dynasties, freedom movements etc.

Collectively, you will read about history, geography, Vedic science & technology, great leaders, rulers, culture etc.

The app presents you the content in a very intuitive and easily readable format. It gives the real-book reading experience in your devices. You can change the background, font size, colors, bookmark pages etc. It is an offline content, so you can read it anytime, at any place. It presents the images as references for each section of the history.

The Indian history in malayalam app is a complete encyclopedia of our country, India. This is an ongoing collective process, it needs enormous efforts to keep up the historical information in malayalam. We have referred several historian's great books, literature to carefully craft this historical app. If you find any missing or misleading information, kindly write to us with a historical proof, we are more than happy to get the app updated to our users.

So, go ahead and download the Indian history in Malayalam app, enrich your knowledge of The great History of our nation, India, in Malayalam language.