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How to Resolve Google Pay Money Processing Issue

How to Resolve Google Pay Money Processing Issue

How to resolve Google Pay Money Processing Issue  There are numerous payment apps available now and among which, the best and most trustworthy UPI payment app is Google pay. It’s a payment platform as well as a digital wallet application from Google.

You can enable the payment service by downloading the app from the play store for Android devices. You can link both credit and debit cards to your Google Pay account. You can simply use the service for transacting with friends and family just by entering your email address or phone number. But, the receiver also must link their phone number registered in google pay to the bank account before the transaction.

It is the safest app since it generates a unique encrypted number instead of your actual credit card number and which will be removed if your device has not enabled the screen lock. Google pay has linked with more than 100 banks and payment providers. 

You can check the bank you opt, before transaction processing. There are numerous other services available in google pay. Online food ordering service, Mobile recharge, electricity bill payment, and DTH/Cable TV recharge are a few among them.

There is no service charge for sending and receiving money using this app. Sometimes you may face certain issues like ‘bank server unavailable issues’, which is a commonly found issue in the Google Pay app. 

Sometimes the bank may not accept the payment request due to uncertain server issues and you will get the message like ‘Please try again later. The bank server may get busy or down due to technical issues at the bank end. It will get rectified shortly from the bank side; you have to wait until the problem gets rectified.

But, sometimes there may have problems from our side as well. You may have a poor internet connection on your mobile phone. You always require a stable internet connection to get the response from the bank servers and make the payment. Otherwise, you will get a message like ‘bank server unavailable’.

Before making transactions, we have to link the bank account to Google Pay and set it as the primary account to send and receive money. If at all you get an issue from your bank server, you can change your primary bank account. But you must have opened an account in more than one bank for enabling this service. You can change the primary account following the below steps.

Step 1: Open your Google Pay app on your phone.
Step 2: Next, tap on your ‘Profile Picture’ there.
Step 3: On the new page opt for the ‘Payment Methods’.
Step 4: In the payment methods tab, you will be able to see all the linked bank accounts.
Step 5: Now you can select the account which you want to set as the primary account.
Step 6: On the next page, tap on the Set as Primary Account option.

Now the primary account will be changed to another bank and you can proceed with the transaction processing. You can swap this service while facing the server issue with a particular bank.