Tuesday, August 9

Report Dowry Complaints Online

Report Dowry Complaints Online

The portal established by the Women and Child Development department to report dowry-related complaints is now fully operational, according to Minister for Health and Family Welfare Veena George in a press release on Thursday.

Women who are experiencing dowry-related problems can file a complaint online, and the information they provide will be kept private. Within three working days of receiving the complaint, a representative of the Dowry Prohibition Officer will contact the complainant. The Minister urged the public to use the service in order to rid the state of the threat.

Despite the fact that dowry cases have decreased significantly as a result of awareness campaigns and legal reforms in India, this heinous system has not been completely eradicated. It is still prevalent in many rural and urban areas of India. 

Unfortunately, the prevalence of this custom has resulted in thousands of homicides and suicides in India. According to statistics, India leads the world in dowry-related cases, with approximately 30,000 dowry cases officially reported in 2013-14.

This is a staggering figure that reflects the plight of women in India as a result of dowry. The National Crime Records Bureau reported nearly 10,000 cases of suicidal deaths caused by dowry harassment, in addition to nearly 4000 dowry harassment cases filed by husbands and in-laws by the year 2015.

Many of us are aware of the dowry prohibition act, which went into effect in 1961. Taking, giving, or abetting dowry by imprisonment is a punishable offence under IPC section 498 (A) and can result in a $5,000 fine or six months in jail. A woman must speak up without fear and file a case so that the government and the law can assist her.

The government has simplified case filing procedures over the years so that women can get the most out of the law. According to a retired IPS officer, Mr Mukherji, a woman should provide an accurate description of what happened and present facts rather than making half-baked statements.

If a bride's family is seen giving dowry to the groom, his parents, or relatives, a complaint can be filed. Women, parents, relatives, and recognised institutions affected by dowry can file a complaint at this online portal.