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vFlat Scan Android App

vFlat Scan Android App

vFlat Scan is a free-to-use scanning app that turns images taken with a mobile phone into high-quality PDF or JPG images. vFlat Scan provides unlimited scanning without annoying watermark nor ads, nor any sign-in! Too good to be true? Download for free and try vFlat Scan right away to find it out.

vFlat Scan automatically recognizes the border of the document, cropping and correcting it. No manual cropping is necessary!

You can also convert the captured image to text using its OCR feature and search for or copy specific keyword you want.

Key features of vFlat

  • Automatic cropping and recognition function
    Automatically recognizes and crops the borders of documents or book pages to be scanned. It's easy to use anytime, anywhere, and you get clean scan results from any angle.
  • Free Text recognition(OCR)
    Text recognition allows you to convert scanned images into text. You can easily copy the converted text and share it with friends.
  • Search
    Enter keywords and quickly find relevant documents. The search function is available after completing OCR.
  • Export to PDF file
    You can convert the scanned image to a PDF file. You can sort the page order, choose the PDF quality, and adjust the color.
  • Book scanning
    It automatically corrects the curved surface of the page and erases your finger. You can get the same scan results as taken with a professional book scanner. In the two-page shooting mode, you can shoot the left and right pages at once, and store them in a split.

vFlat Scan is a very useful app that lets you scan any document in the fastest, easiest, and most legible way possible. With this app, you can digitize entire books simply by taking a photo of each page, getting great results with fantastic image quality.

To use vFlat Scan, take photos on the spot or select photos from your gallery. Either way, the app automatically applies a flattening effect to the pages and helps you select the space you want to scan. Thanks to these features and the app's general image enhancement, the final results are so good, it looks like you physically scanned everything.

Another helpful feature offered by this app is the ability to compile all the scanned pages into one document, so you can read it like a book or magazine from cover to cover. Thanks to this feature, vFlat Scan makes digitizing books or long documents an absolute breeze.

Finally, this app has automatic number detection and allows for page classification, both of which streamline the scanning process. Download this app to scan whatever you want in a simple and readable way with the help of many useful features, all of which are designed to help you organize your books, comics, and magazines without losing a single page.