Wednesday, June 8

Contacts Multi Remove iOS App

Contacts Multi Remove iOS App

This app gives you the very fast, simple and easy way to mange your phone contacts. If you messed up with your contacts list such as after syncing yours with clouds, this app will definitely help you.

  • Contacts Multiple Selection and OneShot Deletion
  • Add New Contact
  • Edit each Contact
  • Group Management
  • Add/Remove Contact Group
  • Add/Remove Group Member

If you've ever wanted to clear up your contacts list, you'll note that the Contacts app doesn't include a way to effortlessly erase many contacts on your iPhone. This might be a mistake or a sneaky tactic of getting you to think about eliminating a group of individuals with whom you were formerly associated in some manner. 

In any event, if you use the Contacts app, you must erase contacts one by one. The Contacts app is one feature of the iPhone and its underlying iOS operating system that hasn't changed in a long time. It is a useful tool for organising contacts on your iPhone and, if wanted, across all of your Apple devices.

Getting rid of outdated and undesirable contacts, on the other hand, may be a time-consuming and arduous process.

You can easily delete multiple contacts from iPhone at once. In your contact app, you can only delete one contact at a time.  But with an app called Groups, you can delete as many contacts as you want, without having to delete them one at a time.  

The software is intended to assist you in creating and managing contact groups. It also contains a separate contact management area as part of its primary feature set. To begin, navigate to the "Contacts" page.

And just like that, the contacts will be removed from Apple's built-in Contacts programme. You open the Contacts app again and look for a contact to confirm.

Although Apple does not allow you to erase contacts in bulk on the iPhone, you may do it using iCloud and the Contacts App on your Mac. You can also use third-party applications to erase numerous contacts at once, but I'll get to that later. This strategy is also applicable to the iPad.