Friday, May 13

Transcriber for WhatsApp Android Apk

Transcriber for WhatsApp Android Apk

Have you ever been receiving voice messages from WhatsApp and not being able to listen at that time? Now you can convert them to text and know in time what your friends communicate, even when the situation does not allow. All this thanks to Transcriber, without time limits.

Transcriber for WhatsApp is an app that lets you transcribe voice messages for WhatsApp so that instead of listening to them you can read them. Why? Well, because sometimes you just can't or don't feel like listening to messages, and would rather just read them.

Using Transcriber for WhatsApp is as simple as selecting the voice message and using the app to 'share' it. In a matter of seconds you'll have your message transcribed so you can read it easily. It's a simple, effective, and smooth system.

Transcriber for WhatsApp is an app that can be quite useful at certain times. Obviously it's usually more convenient to listen to the messages you receive, but as you can't always do that, it's not a bad idea to have this small app installed.

Transcriber For WhatsApp is very light App of 3.5 MB. This is also one of the Best Transcription Apps because this app is Ads Free. It will transcribe almost all type of Audio into Text. You have to just share any Audio with this App. This app also supports 22 other Languages except for English.

Let’s see how to use it convert WhatsApp Audio messages into text:
  • First download and Install Transcriber For WhatsApp App from Google Play Store. Now, Long press on Voice Message from WhatsApp Chat Screen window. A Bar on the top of the chat screen will appear, just tap on “Share” icon.
  • Now Select this App from the share suggestions window. The first time, it will ask permission to access photos & Media files of your device, just allow it. Now, it will start processing your audio recording and within no time it will show you the converted text. That’s It!!!
It’s really Pretty cool, Right? So Guys, now turn Voice recording into Text using these awesome free Best Transcription App. Enjoy!!!