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File Recovery Android App

File Recovery Android App

File Recovery is application will help to recover deleted photo, recover deleted video, recover deleted audio. The powerful File Recovery tool can help you recover your lost or deleted photos or media file. File Recovery App is a Super File Recovery tool that easily Scan and recover deleted files(deleted photos and deleted media) and File recovery app can restore deleted files without root.

To restore deleted files, select the deleted photos or deleted media file you want to recover and tap on the 'recover' button. Just one single click, All the deleted files you seleted will be restored to local folder.

File Recovery App can help you recover deleted files(deleted photos and deleted media file) from your phone storage.

If you have successfully rooted your Android device, Undeleter is your best option to recover lost files. If your phone isn't rooted, it can still find cached copies of files that aren't gone from your phone, just backed up in tough-to-find places.

On a rooted phone, Undeleter recovered our deleted test files no matter how thoroughly they were erased from storage. No app comes completely guaranteed, but Undeleter is reliable and thorough. It can recover many different file types and leaves no part of your phone un-searched.

For sure that you have deleted a file that you needed. In those cases you can use File Recovery app. File Recovery as its name says, recovers your deleted files. How does it recover them? When a file is deleted from a android device the contents of the file is rarely destroyed. 

If you have File Recovery installed in your android device, you will not have to worry about deleting the wrong file, it will recover it for you as if nothing happened.

You can recover your data from both internal memory as well as SD cards. You can also preview the file before recovering it. Speaking of the security aspect, this tool is read-only and risk-free, where there is no chance of information leak or data loss.