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Velocity VPN Android App

Velocity VPN Android App

Velocity is a free VPN proxy with no ads or fees. With ultra fast gigabit speed connections, you can unblock websites, protect your privacy and surf securely. Be it Geo-restricted content or websites blocked by your school, our VPN will get the job done. Rest easy knowing that your online activity is completely hidden.


  • No Ads, No fees, No limits.
  • One tap hassle-free connection.
  • High speed proxy exceeding 5000 Mbps.
  • Over 100 VPN servers.
  • Military Grade Data Encryption.

Velocity VPN delivers on speed and privacy, for a truly open and unrestricted internet.

Velocity VPN brings you ultra fast VPN servers . Powered by the secure Sentinel decentralized VPN protocol, our service gives you an edge when it comes to your online privacy.

Why choose Velocity VPN

  • No Ads, No fees, No limits
    • Velocity VPN is powered by the Sentinel 'dVPN' Protocol, which is free and unlimited while in its testnet phase.
  • One tap hassle-free connection
    • Our intuitive and quick controls make your life a little easier.
  • High speed VPN nodes
    • Our server catalog ranges from standard to blazing fast. Be it gaming or downloading large files, we've got you covered.
  • Worldwide locations
    • Pick a country. With over a 100 unique providers, we're betting you'll find a location that suits your needs!
  • Military Grade Data Encryption.
    • Our nodes are encrypted with AES-256-CBC as standard. Your online activity is your business.

Velocity VPN is a virtual private network proxy for Android devices to unblock the web content and to browse anonymously through a secret tunnel. No matter which smartphone you have bought, you can use the Velocity VPN as long as your device has an Android operating system.

However, every VPN app requires a standard Android version, which you will find in the file information section. Update your phone Android version if you have any difficulty downloading and installing Velocity VPN.

There is no need to download the APK; instead, you can install the Velocity VPN directly from Google Play Store. This process will save some space on the internal storage.