Thursday, January 20

Don't Touch My Phone Android App

Don't Touch My Phone Android App

Dont touch my phone app protect your mobile phone from theft and unknown people. It detects motion when someone tries to touch your phone without your permission. With this Anti theft Alram app you will not be afraid to let your mobile any where in your surroundings. If you activate the alarm no one could touch it because sound will be activated if any one touch or disconnect the charger of your phone without your permission.

If you are worried about your phone and your personal data then no need to worry about your phone's protection any more because we made don't touch my phone. This mobile touch app works on sensor motion for alarme antifurto with sensitive touchtunes that trigga alarm.


  • Click Start to activate the Anti theft Alarm
  • Place the device anywhere
  • If anyone touch the mobile, It will activate the alarm.
  • You will be notified.
  • PIN Code for super protection
  • Fingerprint to Switch off the alarm

Anti theft works as phone thief catcher and mobile safety alarm with mobile anti theft security system with trigga alarm. Don't touch my phone is the best security phone app. This security phone app and anti theft security is specially made for to use against crooks and burglary.

PIN feature is also available in do not touch my phone app to prevent your valuable privacy from snoopers and crooks and workmate and thefts touching antifurto de celular. If someone touch your phone it requires to enter pin to deactivate alaram.

Just go to the activate alarm feature in don't touch my mobile app and activate this anti theft alarm feature to make your phone secure from snoopers, crooks, and workmate with this dont touch my mobile app. Many alarm tones are included for alarm touching and theft touching and mobile touch. Simply select your favorite theft alarm tone and mobile touch tone.

Don't touch my phone or Anti theft anti theft alarm works in a very simple way. Put your phone on a plane surface. Click on the Activate button When someone picks up your phone It will automatically alarm Just tab on Deactivate It will stop alarming. If you have enabled PIN, It will ask for PIN. It also supports built in device fingerprint Go to Settings Turn on PIN Enter your new PIN and confirmation PIN.