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FMWhatsapp Android Apk

FMWhatsapp Android Apk

FM WhatsApp : Download the latest FMWhatsApp APK now using this page. You can change overall colors, control last seen and even disable “Online” and “Typing” tags. When it comes to over the top added functionalities, this mod has it all. And that all makes sense considering the amount of loyal users it possesses. Over the past few years, FM WhatsApp APK has crawled its way out from an underground “modded” element as a much mainstream utility used by hundreds of thousands. 

All because of the advantages it has and special utilities it gives to its users, which makes it on par with the likes of GBWhatsApp as well as YoWhatsApp. The core features in this app are a very compelling reason to use it over the default WhatsApp [Update : Voice Changer Introduced in the Latest v9.05 variant !]. Reason being that FM provides a bunch of utility features that practically makes it an entirely new tool while maintaining the true essence of the default app. Consider this an upgrade guide for your messaging experience.

With the availability of Countless MODS online, it becomes quite the quest to determine the true MVP of them all – And we get that. Which is why, a curated set of feature list of FMWhatsApp has been added to this article which will make you understand the true advantages of this app and the robust source code behind it that makes it work better than any other “modded” version. 

It requires no root access yet gives you more features. The app’s dashboard takes a little bit of learning but you will get comfortable with it within few hours of usage. Keep in mind that this is created by Fouad Mokdad but there is another mod made by him after his name. This particular one is the actual FMWhatsApp.

Features Of FM WhatsApp APK

  • Up to 50 MB of video files can be sent
  • Hide online status, double tick
  • You can use two WhatsApp numbers in one simultaneously using FmWhatsApp. All you need to do is to install it and keep the original version installed. That is it ! To make two numbers, you can verify it with different SIM cards.
  • Various languages
  • Status can be copied
  • Send large files of videos, audios, images.
  • Much more refined fonts are available to choose from
  • Wide variety of color schemes are available to switch, essentially making it a new app with each swap
  • Voice and Video calling triggers can be neutralized to prevent those awkward accidents
  • Status can be viewed without disclosing your identity
  • “Typing” tag can be switched off (without taking your liberty to see your contact’s “typing” tag)
  • Many one-sided privileges are available including last seen disable option
  • Internal memory can be easily switched to memory card

A whole lot of exclusives are integrated with this MOD that makes it superior to the default. From changing appearance (colors and themes) to making the messaging more efficient, every need has an extension in FMWHATSAPP APK. 

The developers put thought in each and every addition they made to the default version, making it more refined. Its because of this, the App appears to be well-made and professional. It goes without saying that certain limitations of the original WhatsApp are lifted off in this MOD.
This includes file sharing sizes as well. This comes as a huge relief for businesses relying on WhatsApp as sometimes there is need to share large files that cannot be done via cloud.