Tuesday, November 16

Loner Android App

Loner Android App

'Loneliness is a kind of beauty, a quiet experience.'
LONER is a very simple game, no attributes, no upgrade, or even no score, what it wants to bring you, is only purely tranquillity and loneliness.
LONER tells the story of a lonely journey of a pilot, in the journey, you would understand his past and his pursuit.


Unique Game Mode
It has two modes of operation, two-hand-sliding and gravity sensing, the unique design brings a deeper sense of immersion.
Very Simple but Various Pictures
There is no complicated shape and brilliant appearance, but you would set foot on a different kind of color trip.
The Right Original Music
Several sad, or quiet background music makes you completely immerse in the game.
Random and Rich Barriers
Level barriers are completely random and there is the strong vs strong level. It takes the different levels of players into account; obstacles are based on the music beat, which deepen your inner resonance.

Loner is a super relaxing game that invites you to pilot an old-fashioned plane through an infinite cosmic void. The best part is that you’ll be piloting your plane along with an absolutely beautiful soundtrack that’ll help you enjoy the experience even more.

Controlling your plane is pretty easy: just place your thumbs on each side of the screen and slide or up or down in order to go up, down or turn. These moves are all you need to dodge all the obstacles you may find along your way.

As you start advancing and accumulating miles, you’ll also start unlocking the diary pages that narrate a story. One of the most interesting aspects in Loner is discovering the story behind the game.

Loner is a super relaxing game that has really elegant visuals and an absolutely beautiful soundtrack.