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SMS Schedule& Auto Reply Android App

SMS Schedule& Auto Reply Android App

Do It Later is an automatic message app to help you auto send, schedule, reply text for SMS, E-mail, and social messaging apps. You can also use Do It Later to send mass text messages (bulk sender), set reminders, or create a fake incoming call.

Even if your messaging app already supports automated text functional, Do It Later can benefit you with many additional features

Auto send

  • Scheduled - Send text messages to recipients automatically at a later time. Scheduled time can be exact or within a time range.
  • Mass text messaging (bulk sender) - Send a single message to multiple recipients. The app supports many variables like {NAME}, {TIME}, {LOCATION}... to help you send different message content for each recipient.
  • Flexible recurring options (e.g. every 5 minutes, hourly, daily, weekly...)
  • Countdown before sending - Give you a chance to cancel the massage at sending time.
  • Template - You can reuse your most frequently sent messages by saving them as templates.
  • No matter your use case, Do It Later has a multitude of ways for you to automate your text messages.
  • Please notice that we don't support Whatsapp scheduling due to technical limitations.

Auto Reply

  •  Auto-reply text messages for incoming text messages and missed calls. Your message will be responded automatically without lifting a finger.
  • Allow you to get back to your friends or customers within seconds or in a delay time.
  • Very simple to turn On/Off auto-reply with a single touch.
  • Choose what time the app should send your reply. This feature is useful when you're out of business hours.
  • Reply to specific contacts.
  • Reply if detect keywords of the incoming message (start with, end with, contains)
  • Set reply rule for each contact (e.g reply once, stop after 3 times, pause for 1 hour...)
  • Reply with phone location.
  • We support groups, Do It Later can send auto reply to any groups in your messaging app.
  • Support SMS and all popular social messaging apps.


  • You won’t believe it, but the app supports talking reminders which remind you by speaking aloud your own text.
  • Need to remember someone to call? You can easily set up a phone call reminder and Do It Later will remind you on time.

Create a fake incoming call

  • Simulates a fake caller to rescue yourself from awkwardness like annoying conversation, boring meeting...
  • You can create a fake incoming call for Phone, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram.
So, What are You waiting for?