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Phone Addiction Controller  Android App

Phone Addiction Controller Android App

What's in it for me?

  • App Usage Tracker: Tracks each app usage.
  • Daily Phone Usage Tracker: Shows phone usage  for whole day.
  • Last 7 days Usage: Shows phone usage for last 7 days.
  • Set Downtime: Set the downtime where apps will be having no access. This way you can limit your screen time & stay away from being phone addicted.
  • Limit Apps: Set usage limit to apps like social media which you use mostly & are very addictive.
  • Always Allow: Allow some important apps like banking, e-mail etc. even in the downtime.
  • Widget: Want to check app usage quickly? Widget is there for you. You don't need to open the app.

Do you often find yourself checking out your phone while waiting for a bus, waiting at the doctor's clinic or simply walking down the street?
It might seems no harmful but, spending lots of time on the screen is not healthy. It’s not just constantly using a smartphone will prevent you from being aware of what's happening around you. More seriously, these phones are designed to be addictive. Using them for a bit like to do a payment or for fun is fine but letting your phone usage snowball can become problematic.

  • How to check if am I addicted to my phone? 
  • Do you occasionally spend more time with your phone than the expected?
  • Do you scroll without any sense of direction? 
  • Do you find yourself more interacting with people over phone rather than in real life? 
  • Do you keep your phone next to you while sleeping?
  • Do you tend to stop what you're doing so you can respond to something on your phone? 
  • If answers to such questions are yes, then chances are you have been caught by phone addiction. 
  • How can I prevent myself being phone addicted?

Well, as you have landed on this page, you have already took a step towards improving your life. This app provides you screen time. Daily/weekly hours of your screen time. This will make you aware how much time you actually spend looking at your phone which we usually don’t. You can set Downtime (No Phone Usage Period). During this period none of the app will be opened unless you grant the permission to it. This is basically an antisocial app.
So, basically this antisocial app will first make you aware how much time you’re actually spending on your phone or on your social media. Being aware is a key to find out whether you are phone addicted or not. This antisocial app will let you know how much each app you are using.

This app basically calculates how much time you're infont of your phone. So, it calculates active screen time. You must be thinking that, why this app is being called antisocial? Well, due to digital distraction & phone addiction we are loosing our focus, which ultimately reducing our productivity. Mostly, we all spend time on Social Media. So, this app helps you to limit not only social media apps but any other app you select. That’s the very reason, why Stay Away app falls under antisocial all category.

How this anti phone addiction app help me boost my productivity?
Once you decide if you really want to get rid of your phone addiction then you can definitely accomplish it. This antisocial app is just a tool which will make you aware about your phone usage. Limiting the crave of phone usage is in your hand. If you control this crave of phone usage then you better spend your time with family & friends. Moreover, you will more productive at home as well as at work place. This antisocial app which limit your phone usage act as phone tracker & keep you away from your phone addiction.