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Vocal Remover and Isolation Site

Vocal Remover and Isolation Site

How to remove vocals from a song?
Welcome to edityouraudio.com. We are here to remove vocals from your song. For free! Are you looking for that instrumental version of your favorite song? Do you need to create karaoke versions of your music library for the next wedding? Or are you a DJ that needs instrumentals for your next DJ set? Are you looking for the instrumental stems of a famous song to create the next remix or mash-up as a producer?

Free. Fast. Easy.
When you only have the full version version available you might have searched the internet to find a fast and easy solution. There are a few options you might want to consider. There is a lot of software available to remove vocals. Also the quality of all the different online vocal removers is also different. With the vocal remover service from edityouraudio.com you can create unlimited karaoke versions or minus one tracks.

Furthermore you can create instrumental tracks and vocals only. Like a capella versions.Removing vocals from a song can be done fast and easy by using the audio tools from edityouraudio.com. We deliver high quality results which matches the average vocal remover pro software. Our vocal remover is easy to use and suitable for all users. Create your karaoke track with just a few clicks. Download the results of superior quality than with other online services. The best thing is. It is free!

Upload. Process. Download.
We offer a simple interface. Just upload your song. Wait in line and download when you the system has removed the vocals from your song. It takes about 1 minute to process. Furthermore it is free of charge when you are willing to promote our service. That is a fair deal, right? Now you can remove vocals from a song for free. The only thing you have to do is share our page on social media. For the rest it is three simple steps to make it happen.

First you drag & drop the audio file of your song. Next you wait until our systems processes your song. Within 1 minute you can simply download the instrumental version of the song. The vocals have been removed and you are ready to go. It is as easy as a breeze.

Don't forget you can also only download the instrumental version or the vocal version. Whatever you need. No matter if it are stems for producing music or minus one tracks for DJs. It is the best quality and at least as good as expensive software solutions.


★ Adjustable vocal remover effect strength.

★ Realtime vocal remover effect for any music in your library.

★ Display of album cover from your library.

★ Playback control support seeking.

★ Save processed song as audio file

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