Monday, August 9

Voice Typing Apps for iOS

Voice Typing Apps for iOS

Manglish Keyboard App :

* Will show you predictions for next words

* Just talk instead of typing in any app

* Malayalam stickers and images on keyboard

* Will show you predictions for next words

Manglish is a transliteration keyboard that allows users to type in English and convert that to Malayalam. Just type as you speak Malayalam and Manglish will convert that to Malayalam. Manglish provides offline transliteration also so you don't have to worry even if there is no internet.

Don't want to type? just talk instead of typing in any app. Malayalam voice to text added.

Indic Keyboard App : 

Indic Keyboard - The first FREE keyboard for all Indian Languages with word suggestion, which can be accessed through out the device.

• Keyboard shows English alphabets in the keyboard and convert what you type to the selected language.

• Keyboard with prediction/suggestions enabled. Normal suggestion works with out internet. If internet detected, automatically loads google suggestion.

• Easy to switch between all available keyboards in the device by clicking the globe icon.

• Uses default iOS theme.

Voicepop - Transcribe Audio : 

- "Great for people who hate listening to voice messages. My family annoy me by sending voice messages. Thanks to Voicepop I can read the messages..."


Convert voice to text inside WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and other messengers. Use Voicepop to turn voice and video messages to text, whenever you can't listen in meetings, classes, at concerts. Save time, effort, and avoid embarrassment by reading your voice messages instead.

Voicepop is free to download and use.

Download indic Keyboard App
Download Voicepop App