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Virtual number Android App

Virtual number Android App

Freeje Optimum is a calling app for those who looking for additional ⭐ virtual numbers ⭐ as a small call center on their smartphone.

Multiple international phone numbers can work at the same time on the smartphone that you regularly use!

What can Freeje Optimum virtual SIM do for you and your business?

- Save money: There will be no roaming at all for incoming SMS & calling and you don't need to have any long term contracts. Freeje offers a pay as you go credit system with international calls or SMS starting from $0.02 per minute or message. And you can get a foreign business virtual number for just $2 per month.
- Privacy: Keep your personal and business life separate with a dedicated business number as a 2nd line phone number on your smartphone.
- Flexibility: Stay productive while on the go by taking your communication with you. Being a professional or business traveler, or business owner you will be able to stay tuned and productive by having access to your important calls, fax, texts, and call forwarding with help of a virtual number.

- Virtual landline and Virtual Mobile numbers of more than 45 countries (USA, UK, France, Poland, Russia, Israel, Spain, Germany, Philippines, and more)
- Virtual Fax Number allows you to have a fax number without having a fax machine
- Toll-free numbers (+1800, 833,844, 855, 866, 877, toll free area code)
- SMS number for phone calls as well as for receiving SMS.
- Call forwarding your inbound calls from the second phone line to your personal phone or softphone
- High-quality clear call connection and sound
- Global and domestic functionality
- Sweet price per-second or per-minute billing for outbound call and SMS starting from 2 cents

Why choose us?

Additional local phone DID number from Freeje Optimum can offer you the following benefits:

Quick start to work with foreign markets,
Independence from your geographic location,
Unlimited phone numbers on the same device,
Available number types Landline, Mobile, and Toll-Free with the widest coverage of local area codes including rare countries' local numbers
Worldwide call forwarding to a Phone number, SIP, Softphone, or Telegram
Secure and encrypted VoIP calls
One device and balance to use multiple numbers from different countries


*Freeje Optimum does not provide any free or trial numbers for receiving SMS
Freeje Optimum does not provide Caller ID for outgoing calls
*Emergency calls and texts to 911 are not supported
*Receiving or sending SMS to/from shortcodes and some services are not guaranteed