Tuesday, August 17

Echo Voice Recorder Android App

Echo Voice Recorder Android App

 Echo Voice Recorder lets you record yourself or music in your phone and
play it back with a cool Echo Voice effect. Echo voice Recorder is a simple audio recorder with instant playback. In Echo/Eco Sound Recorder once you've made a recording you can play it back as much as you'd like. Hit replay while a recording is already playing and it will be played again over the top. You can also reset it if you don’t like the first recorded audio and want to record another audio then.

Echo voice recorder is the most fun and creative voice changer & cool echo voice effect for recording app! With Echo voice recorder, you can add new echo voice effect to your voice Recorder; any voice memo will be perfect!

In Eco voice changer there is an option given to you for on/off the echo effect. If you keep echo effect on then you can adjust the pitch/gain or speed of the voice effect via voice recorder. Using Voice Changer application you can add sound effect for your voice or Music. After saving your audio file you can share it to everyone.
• Echo Effect
• Audio recorder
• Echo On/Off option
• Adjust pitch/speed/sample of your recording
• Replay option
• Save as per your choice’s name
• Share Your recording

Now, create your surrounding voice using Echo Recorder.