Tuesday, July 13

Voice Dialer Android App

Voice Dialer Android App

 VoCaller offers you the fastest way to voice call any contact! Double click the power button and dial only by speaking the contact’s name!

With flawless performance and perfect voice recognition, Vocaller will voice dial to any contact in a breeze.

Without the need to even enter the app, even when the phone is locked and the screen is turned off, double click anytime or anywhere and call or dial with your voice alone! It is the fastest way to make voice call.

When you are busy or just lazy, with VoCaller you don’t have to bother yourself with searching for contacts, calling and dialling is done within seconds only with the help of your voice!

VoCaller gives you the option to automatically turn on your speaker mode when making a call, so that even when you’re driving you don’t have to touch the phone order to dial to anyone!

In VoCaller you can also customise everything from the time interval between the two clicks that start the voice recording to the number of seconds you get before the app makes the automatic call and dial. VoCaller can be customised for your needs. VoCaller is also a learning system and saves your favourites contacts to make voice dialing even faster!

Everyone has situations where he can't unlock the phone and search for a contact, just download VoCaller and forget about searching for contacts and trying to dial while driving and risking those around you.