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Orange Book Value Android App

Orange Book Value Android App

Orange Book Value (OBV) is the most unique and FREE valuation app for used automobiles. It is India’s first algorithmic pricing engine to find Fair Market Price of any used vehicle in just 10 seconds. OBV uses advanced 21st-century machine learning & data science methodology for all its calculations.

OBV is industry first pricing benchmark USA Patented (Provisional) tool, which is completely Independent, Unbiased, and Objective present across 38+ countries around the world.

What can you do with OBV app?

OBV App is an advanced tool by Droom - India's largest online transactional automobile marketplace, that covers a wide range of vehicle categories, and it includes cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, and planes.

  • Used Car Valuation - Use Orange Book Value to easily check the fair market price of any used car.
  • Used Bike Valuation - The tool can also be used to check used bikes valuation.
  • Used Scooter Valuation - OBV helps to evaluate the fair market valuation of used scooters.
  • New Vehicle Valuation – The tool will also help you to check price of new vehicles and its depreciated value in upcoming years.
  • Price Difference for Exchange – It helps to select the vehicle you want to exchange your current vehicle with and know the price difference.
  • Future Price – OBV assists to know the estimated re-selling price for your vehicle in coming years.
  • Residual Value – For both new and used vehicle, you can find the residual value of it that provides an estimate of the worth of the vehicle at the end of the lease.
  • Used Mobile Valuation – OBV app is the perfect to check used mobile value as well. By selecting brand, and model of any phone you can check the used mobile fair market price.
  • Used Property Valuation – With OBV app you can also check the value of any real estate. The value of any property can be evaluated with the help of property valuation tool.
  • Salary Calculator – On the basis of qualification, salary can be calculated with the help of OBV app.
Benefits of using OBV app:
  • Get Fair Market Valuation – Orange Book Value is pricing tool that provides fair market price of used vehicles to any buyer and seller, who provides the inputs like category, make, model, trim, year, and Kms Driven.
  • Check Valuation within 10 Seconds : Orange Book Value App is the fastest app to check valuation of used vehicles and provide the most estimated value. Once you put the data of used cars, bikes, scooters, etc., it takes only 10 seconds to check used vehicle prices.
  • Check Valuation for FREE :  There is no need to pay any amount to check used car valuation, used bike valuation or used scooter valuation. Get the basic pricing report or check used vehicle prices for FREE.

  • Get Premium Pricing Report : With OBV App if you want the complete pricing report, you will have to pay Rs. 149. The report will include all the information such as Total Cost of Ownership, new vehicle price now & then, next 3 years depreciation of vehicle, what other buyers have paid, expert reviews and ratings along with users’ ratings and reviews of used car, bike or scooter you want to buy. It is very much helpful if you are going for offline buying and selling, insurance and auto loan.
  • Independent, Objective & Unbiased : OBV is the only Pricing Benchmark tool in India, which is Independent, Objective & Unbiased, as it is based on 21st century data science and machine learning methodology.

OBV Tool is available across 38 countries around the world spanning across Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia. With more than 500 Million+ trusted users worldwide, OBV has been used as a trusted partner for more than a million transactions. OBV ensures that you get the fair market value of the vehicle, and we provide a premium valuation report.OBV is not only for vehicle pricing, but it also helps to check used mobile valuation, real estate valuation, jobs and salaries,jewellery valuation.