Wednesday, July 21

Gesture Android App

Gesture Android App

Perform shortcuts with custom gestures
There's a bug that doesn't work on some Xiaomi models. We're currently checking.

1. Anyone who wants to make their device more automated and make it behave in a smarter and more customized way.
2. People who have difficulty using high tech smartphones and all their advanced settings can simplify things with Gesture Suite.

You can use:

Custom touch gestures
Air gestures using proximity sensor
Shake gestures using accelerometer sensor
Voice commands
Device events

to trigger customs tasks of your own creation to control your device settings or perform multiple automated actions and save time and energy.

Among others Gesture Suite offers the following features:

App launcher
File Explorer
Image Gallery
Task Scheduler
Alarm Clock
SMS sender
Time-lapse camera
Launchpad for frequently used apps
Screen password protector
App password protector
Dropbox uploader
Audio recorder
Custom search engine tool

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