Saturday, June 26

Themes & icons iOS App

Themes & icons iOS App

moloko reimagines the way you customize your iOS homescreen. Changing icons was never easier before! Our app features complete and high-quality themes that support not just system apps, but also most popular third-party apps.

Experiment and find your style. Easy to install, it will only take a few seconds to customize your homescreen. Manually replacing icons in Shortcuts is now a thing of the past!

All themes are made with love and handpicked by us. This guarantees excellent quality and visual diversity of themes featured in moloko.

Stay productive. Absolute majority of apps will open instantly without exhausting transition animations. You will be able to use Instagram, Messenger, YouTube and Spotify just like before, but now your homescreen will be truly unique.

Share your opinions. Authors will be glad to know what you think of their themes and what apps it misses.

moloko is the first thing you should try on your iPhone!