Tuesday, June 8

Books & Study Materials Android App

Books & Study Materials Android App

 Paadam Online an App for students of Nursery, Lower Primary and Upper Primary with their text books, study materials, youtube link etc

Students, Teachers, Educators and Parents can access eBooks through multiple technology platform that is mobile phones and tablets (as epub) and from the web portal through laptops and desktops (as Flipbook). ePathshala also allows users to carry as many books as their device supports. Features of these books allow users to pinch, select, zoom, bookmark, highlight, navigate, share, listen to text using text to speech (TTS) apps and make notes digitally.

Features of this app:
User friendly interface: All the study material of Punjabi, English, Hindi, Math, Science and Social Science ofclass 6-10 has been arranged very systematically which makes navigation on
this app very convenient.
Updation on daily basis :The app puts an end to the worry of losing useful study material that is provided daily by the education department. This app is updated on daily basis.
Saves time :Easy and free access to the systematically arranged study material saves time. It not only improves the efficacy of the teachers but keep the parents also updated with their child’s curriculums

Involvement of teachers: The app has been developed by the teachers of the department, updated on daily basis by the teachers of the department and suggestions also come from the teachers. Who understands the need of the students better than their teachers?

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