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Download Voice Access Android App

Download Voice Access Android App

Voice Access helps anyone who has difficulty manipulating a touch screen (e.g. due to paralysis, tremor, or temporary injury) use their Android device by voice. If using your Android smartphone with your hands is a struggle for whatever reason, Voice Access is a useful app that lets you manage everything on your smartphone without touching the screen. Access whatever you need whenever you want without lifting a finger.

Voice Access provides many voice commands for:

  • Basic navigation (e.g. "go back", "go home", "open Gmail")
  • Controlling the current screen (e.g. "tap next", "scroll down")
  • Text editing and dictation (e.g. "type hello", "replace coffee with tea")

You can also say "Help" any time to see a short list of commands.

Voice Access includes a tutorial which introduces the most common voice commands (starting Voice Access, tapping, scrolling, basic text editing, and getting help).

You can use the Google Assistant to start Voice Access by saying "Hey Google, Voice Access". To do this, you’ll need to enable "Hey Google" detection. You can also tap either the Voice Access notification or a blue Voice Access button and start talking.

To pause Voice Access temporarily, just say "stop listening". To disable Voice Access completely, go to Settings > Accessibility > Voice Access and turn off the switch.

For additional support, see Voice Access help.

This app uses the Accessibility Service API to help users with motor impairments. It uses the API to collect information about the controls on the screen and activate them based on the user’s spoken instructions.

After you download Voice Access, you'll see a floating icon on your smartphone screen for activating the app. Thanks to this feature, you can easily use your smartphone either with voice commands or the usual way.

The way this app works couldn't be easier. Every time it's activated, a series of numbers appears, dividing the screen into sections so you can identify where to tap. From your browser, you can read the news, go back a page, add websites to your favorites, download files, post on social media, and anything else that you can do by tapping on the screen.

Once Voice Access is activated, you'll see colorful circles that make sounds. Just say a number out loud, and the app will tap on that area of ​​the screen. This app also comes with a text dictation system. This way, you can type as much as you want without having to deal with the keyboard. Regain your freedom by using your smartphone with voice commands, all thanks to Voice Access.