Wednesday, February 3

Download TalkFaster Android App

Download TalkFaster Android App

Getting many long WhatsApp voice messages? Using TalkFaster you can speed them up! Accelerate voice recordings of any app that supports file sharing. Speed up voice messages, speed up podcasts, speed up music - the sky is the limit!


  • Listen to voice messages in 6 different speeds.
  • Skip silence.
  • Listen to voice messages without notifying the sender - no more blue ticks!
  • Use every instant messaging app that allows file sharing. 

TalkFaster! is an application that allows users to speed up WhatsApp voice recordings and to skip silences in order to save time when listening to messages

App functioning is very simple and it works in tandem with the chat and messaging app. All you have to do is go to the audio message that you have just received, select it, and share it with TalkFaster! When you do this, a player will appear on the screen that will allow you to set different speeds for playing the voice message, even allowing for the skipping of silences, so that you just focus on the important stuff.

The app is perfect for spending less time on those insufferable messages that many of our friends send us with long-winded soliloquies and being able to get on with the important stuff in our lives. 

What's more, by speeding up the audio we will get to hear them talk like smurfs, which is always something to be appreciated.