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Download Anti Spyware Android App

Download Anti Spyware Android App

The block microphone uses a lot of power and lock camera requires administrator rights for the app, which compromises the security of your phone. Phone anti-spyware mute mic will notify you when the microphone is on.

Microphone activation control
The renewed Paranoia Access without wasting power protect your camera and microphone on a regular basis. The application will take care of your privacy and keep your phone safe.

Camera activation control
Some applications use a hidden camera and include a microphone for eavesdropping, but Paranoia Access monitors in control mode.

When the phone turn on the microphone, you receives a warning signal (sound or vibration).
The application will warn about turning on the camera and GPS.
Instant notifications and alerts.
Mute mic & mic block.

WI-FI privacy protaction
Paranoia Access is an excellent anti-listening antispyware, and the application is also used to increase security in public wi-fi networks. Wi-fi network monitoring provides security and sends an alert if client isolation is not configured. Wi-fi protection, camera guard and microphone guard are great additions.

Stealth mode Bluetooth
The "invisibility" mode of Bluetooth, with the exception of previously paired devices, ensures invisibility in a public place. Keep your phone safe in any public place.

Clear clipboard automatically
Automatic clipboard cleaning does not allow collecting information about the user based on data from the clipboard, for example, by phone numbers, websites, passwords, card numbers that were previously copied.

The Paranoia Access module automatically clears the clipboard whenever you turn off your phone screen (or every 30 seconds after copying, set in the settings).
Convenient antispyware phone mute mic and mic block works in the background without the Internet, monitors the network, notifies in a convenient mode. Paranoia Access is a reliable camera and microphone protection.

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