Wednesday, February 24

Download Android App for Recover deleted message

Download Android App for Recover deleted message

 Someone has deleted messages before I have seen it? How do I see that deleted messages?

No issue, there is a solution: Restore Deleted Messages

Restore Deleted Messages help you to find those deleted messages, Images, Videos, etc. It is really an easy app to use.

Restore Deleted Messages will also help you to hide your status from friends and family if you won't see full messages
No need to go offline mode, you can hide your status with the internet while reading your messages.

Read messages with our app and your friends and family never know that you saw their messages.

How does it work?

Restore Deleted Messages
This app helps you to recovers deleted messages by scanning your device notifications.

Recover all Media Files like Image, Video, Audio
Get all media attachments (pictures, videos, voice notes, audio).

In-Built Preview of Deleted Image, Video, Audio
You can preview and play any video or picture using the in-built media player.

Status Downloader
Save your friend's status you love with one touch and save it on your phone SD card.

Don't Do:

-Don't Mute your Chat: If you have muted a chat this app not work as we read notification to save messages
-Ongoing Chat: If you are currently seeing the chat or doing chat its will not work because no notification receives in this case.
-App notification Should be ON: If you have turned off notifications on your device. We are unable to read chat messages
-App notification Should be ON- If the messages have been deleted before you installed the app. WE CAN NOT RESTORE PREVIOUSLY DELETED MESSAGES.


If messages aren't being saved, it may be caused by Android killing Restore Deleted Message App. Please remove WAMR from all battery optimization services!

Restore Deleted Message unable to save files if they aren't completely downloaded! So if you are offline or Your friend has deleted the message containing a media before the Chat app downloads it, We can't do anything to save it.

If you aren't connected with a WiFi connection, media files may not be automatically downloaded by your Chat app because of your settings. Do change - Messaging app > Settings > Data and storage usage and increase your luck.