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Download Call Log Backup Android App

Download Call Log Backup Android App

 Call Log Analyzer provides best services in taking Call log Backup in XML and allowing to restore it. In addition to this, user can take PDF backup of complete Call log, or of specific user as well. In Addition to this, app shows call log statistics in beautifully formatted graph with stats of daily basis. User can also convert these stats to PDF as per their usage.

Download Call Log Backup Android App

 These call log details can be viewed in list form or Graphical view or in PDF.

Distinct features of Call Log Backup & Restore are as follow.

Backup & Restore :

App is best in performing Call Log backup & Restore. Backup is created is standard XML format which can be viewed with any XML viewer. Restore feature uses backup file as input and restore call log. Restore feature can be used in same device or in other device.

PDF Backup of Calls
Now user can take PDF backup of their Call Log and contact and can save it once for all. This generated report is saved in user device and we dont collect this information in any form.

Analyzer Report
App also helps user in managing call log against specific time period. User can select data range to view detailed report of all dialed, received and missed calls. Analyzer report can easily be converted into PDF and can be used for future reference.

Call Statistics allows you get statistical information of number of Dialed, Received, Missed calls and rejected calls on daily basis. This information can easily be transferred into PDF