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Download YMusic Android App

Download YMusic Android App

Enjoy music from YouTube with smallest consumed data with YMusic Player & Downloader

This is a free audio streaming application that enables listening to any YouTube content without having to keep the screen on.Already we know that,Millions of people are using YouTube daily to watch videos of their choice.There is one thing that is highly wanted by YouTube users around the world but still hasn’t introduced by YouTube. 

It is listening to music or videos when the YouTube app is minimized. The videos on YouTube will stop playing as soon as you press the Home button on your mobile device, no matter which OS you are using.This  YMusic Android App play only audio of YouTube video in background, save up to 90% consumed data.

You will no longer worry about playing YouTube music with slow network connection, and spending a lot of data transfer cost every month.So The main purpose of this YMUSIC app is to let users listen to YouTube videos even when the app is minimized. It doesn’t stop here but you can enjoy listening to the videos even if your device screen is locked.Actually this is the one of the best applications to download  songs that we can use on our android.

This YMusic Android App are allow us to download music for free so we can listen to our favorite songs offline.Here you can easily stream music from Youtube as though you were using Spotify or a similar application. And as if that weren't enough, you can also use it to download videos to your device's memory and listen to them even without an Internet connection.

Features of Ymusic App

YMusic play only audio of YouTube video in background, save up to 90% consumed data.
This one is even better. Easy to download YouTube video withever format you like, include MP3 format.
Jockey player.
Interact with YouTube app.
Customizable interface with 81 color combinations to choose from
Custom equalizers
Gapless playback
Home screen widgets

This app can’t be listed on the Google Play Store because of its downloading feature, so you will have to download YMusic APK and then install it manually on your devices.Ymusic is a really great Youtube music player today with no major Cons.

Have you ever wished an App which can only load the Audio of Youtube Videos and play it in the background? Well, Ymusic is the exact app you are looking for. Download it fast.

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