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Download Auto Screenshot deleter Android App

Download Auto Screenshot deleter Android App


● What is this App?

Mark helps you to store solely those screenshot which you really want to store in your phone by marking the temporary screenshots. In just one tap, you can mark the screenshot to get automatically deleted at a specified time no need to go through your screenshot directory again to pinch out those useless and transient screenshot which you just took for 2 min use only.

Video Turitorial : How Screenshot deleter works

● How to use this App?

After you have taken the screenshot, you will be notified with a notification with a button 'YES'. Just click on the 'YES' button if you want that screenshot to get delete automatically. And you can define your own deleting time in Mark app after which the screenshot will be deleted. You can also use “Auto clear option” to robotically cancel/clearthe notification after 40 seconds if being ignored.

December 20, 2020



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