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Download Offline Messaging Android App

Download Offline Messaging Android App

Download offline messaging app (Bridgefy) free mobile application and safe to download. Bridgefy-offline messaging app recently updated their apk into version 3.0.3 apk with lot of stunning features and benefits.actually it's a messaging app lets you keep in touch with anyone who uses the same application.that person uses, be it  Android or iOS has 3.8 star rating from 3 votes.The size of the app is 21.44 MB in play store and this app has been downloaded 1000,000+ users so far.

How to Use Offline Messaging Android App: Video Tutorial 

The bridgefly app  The Bridgefy app, which uses end-to-end RSA encryption on private direct and mesh is designed by a San Francisco-based startup co-founded by Jorge Rios and has been used at music events or stadiums where a huge number of fans would be typically interacting with each other.simply we can say that this is a messaging app that lets you chat securely with friends without internet or sms and can be used at the time of natural disasters as well.that means,when you don't have access to Internet, by simply turning on your Bluetooth antenna and then you can use this app with very easily.Actually this messaging app works similarly to other messaging apps and easy to use.

when you are open this app at first time,then you must requires an internet connection to activate the app and after downloaded you can turn off data and Wi-Fi on your phone, and simply turn on Bluetooth to start connecting to other users nearby.  .This app allows you to exchange messege privately with friends within a distance of 330 feet (about 100 meters) by turning on Bluetooth. Also, by using the Broadcast function, you can exchange messages with nearby Bridgefy users.It allows for mesh-network communications, with unlimited hops..Mainly the application can work in three modes.

The first mode is 

*Uses Bluetooth connectivity.that can to allow users to send one-to-one texts in the distance of 330 feet.that means 100 meters distance.

The second one is,

*When we want to connect for a long distance texts,it uses a mesh network,which requires a higher number of devices running the app.

The final mode is known as broad cast.that is,

*Which allows users to send texts to anybody around  those using this app.

It offers offline functionality and access control.

After downloading the app  you must create a profile on this app with the support of an internet connection.Once you've registered on the Bridgefy app, you can turn off data and Wi-Fi on your phone, and simply turn on Bluetooth to start connecting to other users nearby. Do this by joining the Broadcast tab in the from the Chat & Instant Messaging subcategory, part of the Communications category. The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on 2020-11-20.The main speciality of bridefy is that you don't need to add contacts to it.the app can detect automatically.Its design is good enough,and an excellent concept.i think it's perfect for there is an emergency and your please make use of experience and download immediate.