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Download Malayalam Voice Keyboard Android & iPhone App

Download Malayalam Voice Keyboard Android & iPhone App

Download Malayalam voice keyboard App -typing keyboard is for making Malayalam typing easy for many Malayalam keyboard users.helps to type in Malayalam with the help of voice and texting faster.The current version of  this app is 1.2  and is last updated on September 17  2020.it has got 500,000+ installs. The app size is 20.43 MB.and has got a 3+ rating in the Google play store.it makes easy to type malayalam using speech. 

How to Use Malayalam voice keyboard APK : Video Tutorial 

Usually typing in Malayalam using your mobile, Facebook and WhatsApp in a difficult task . But with such difficulties to cease we need talking about it in our mobile phone.This can be done on your mobile too via this application. Now such a system has come . This can be done on your mobile too. .The app converts Malayalam voice to Malayalam text.In Malayalam voice typing keyboard select voice typing option to convert the Malayalam voice into Malayalam text. Click on the mic button to speak in Malayalam. It automatically generates Malayalam text of the words after the speaking is finished.

Features of Malayalam Voice Keyboard App

Type in Malayalam to get Malayalam letters called Malayalam indic typing or called typing keyboard.
Stickers & GIFs. Powerful Malayalam typing keyboard.
Typing Keyboard also provides Malayalam to any language translator.
Works inside all apps on your phone - a Malayalam Voice keyboard app for all social media apps.
Saves time compared to handwriting input or other Indic Malayalam input tools, Voice Typing Keyboard

This app reduces the time and effort taken in typing Malayalam.that means helps you to get typed his text messages without pressing any key. User can type anything in Malayalam using his voice including messages and poems.a simple and user-friendly keyboard.This is very useful application for those who are fed up of typing long messages and want to type by voice in their own Malayalam language.

How to Setup Voice Keyboard we can say Typing Keyboard and Voice Keyboard:

We can setup it in the method of several steps
Initially  Download and Install Malayalam keyboard.. voice keyboard or typing keyboard!.

Then Open App => Malayalam Voice Typing Keyboard.
Enable Keyboard => Choose the Malayalam Voice Keyboard
Select Keyboard => Choose Voice Keyboard.
Themes => Select Favorite of your Choice & enjoy Malayalam voice keyboard.

Surely This app will reduce your effort to type it. Just speak , the app will convert it to Malayalam text quickly.so i can say that it is a Faster, Better & Smarter app.You can save this typed text and use any where. Now you can give rest to your hand and just type by speak as long as you like.so please download this app and makes your chat fun.