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Download Augmented Reality 3D AR Camera Android & iOS App

Download Augmented Reality 3D AR Camera Android & iOS App

Take your Augmented reality camera and make AR magic. Place and preview augmented reality furniture, art or even robots and cars models in your home. Play with AR 3D wild animals like dinosaurs, sharks and dragons. Or keep a 3D dog and pet it.

How to Use : Video Tutorial 

Use your augmented reality camera to create your own virtual earth with a 3D sky, moon and other science models. Scale the 3D augmented reality models in your camera to make them lifesize.

Create a magicplan with hundreds of hyper realistic 3D AR models from the app models store and transform your home into a virtual-artstudio. Unify many augmented reality models in one scene in your camera view to create a concept digital world.
Use the app AR scanner to capture augmented reality markers and stream or reveal hidden reality. Bring artworks to life with amazing digital effects.
Get access to virtual content in your location. Use augmented reality portals to travel to metaverses and meet robots and digital humans. Capture your experiences and share with the world with photos and videos.
You can also view objects in Mixed Reality with Google Cardboard or Virtual Reality glasses.

Find hidden content by scanning markers and objects with the app using your phone camera.
You can also revive artworks, murals, catalogs and brochures.

Combine multiple 3D models in one augmented reality scene to make interactive digital experiences. For instance, create a virtual zoo with wildlife, using AR animals like tiger, lion and elephant.
Capture photos and videos of your experiences and share with friends on social media.

Add your content to a specific place in the real world or discover other people’s hidden content in your location. You can add photos, videos, audio and 3D models.

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3D models library
Location-based augmented reality AR
Mixed Reality

Social sharing – photo, video, GIF