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How to Create 3D model in Android & iOS Phone

How to Create 3D model in Android & iOS Phone


Create 3D model from single selfie or front face photo.

Dance, Stunt, Play football, Jump, Run.. Do whatever you like to. Just select action and make the video of your avatar.

How to Use : Video Tutorial 

Make your own 3D realistic animated avatar with single click. create video with the animation which you like and share on social media.
Fimize your avatar in 3D realistic model. App is 3d maker of your self.

Select your photo from gallery and create 3d avatar. After adding the photo you will get 3d model of your face, App will give you "3d me" feelings while playing 3D animation.

Enjoy 3D fas book from one selfie.
App is 3d avatar creator from 1 front face photo and make your own 3d cartoon

App is use full to create 3d emojis, 3d stickers, anime maker, 3d zoom etc.
access images and video in app then add emoji to picture and various add fun
3D face adopt like african cartoon app to create ai face.

App cosset a feature for Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to make photo to 3f face. This is like ai app for ai people.

3D Avatar - Filmize app creates animated emoticons , animated show and various animation to characters. Just add anime avatar to your 3D animation.

You will feel your real 3d character rather then cartoon character,Show your best creations and give display to your emotion for personalized gift of video.We app creator have added Some body in app is like laughing buddha, beautiful possum and neuronal. That will increate the love of fun.

Avatar 3D app is for fun like baby generator booth-fun memes and funny pics of avert that you love yourself of mirror's phone screen.myself show smiling people’s face, It will give you yo-yo feel. While you see your self as 3d character and turn it on for show off.

App is really good to express the symmetrical, demographic, funny moment, face paint, hi-fi stunt, pop art, personality impression, app maker arts and bunch for entertainment.
App contains realist face expressions to keep the 3D character real and live feeling.