How to Compress or Shirk Videos in iOS

 How to Compress or Shirk Videos in iOS ? Lot of people asking this same question every day. Today we are going to talk about best ios mobile application which can be used to shrink your videos into smaller size video and which will help you to send or share videos in social media platforms very easily like in whatsapp,intagram or facebook.

This mobile application is developed by Zheng Weijie and this application is named as Video Compress - Shrink Vide. This mobile application can also use for Reduce Movie Size, Video Zip purpose.

This ios application can also used in ipad and iphone without any difficulties and the most interesting part is this application is available for free of cost.


- Easy to use UI

- Compress videos easily

- Export MPEG-4 and QuickTime

- Fast Sharing

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This app is very good. It's useful during sharing through WhatsApp and other methods. Nowadays all phones have a min resolution of 720p which makes it difficult to share through social media. Quality is not reduced that much but file size is reduced making it easy for sharing.

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