Monday, September 7

Download Video Editor iOS App

Download Video Editor iOS App

 This app helps you to adjust the speed of a video. You can both make it faster (for a time warp/time lapse/hyperlapse) and slow it down (for a slow motion effect). It works with videos that have you already taken or you can record a new video, open it in the app and change the speed.

It can be used for footage that was either recorded with your iPhone/iPad or an external camera like a drone, action cam or dash cam etc.

E.g. if you have a long scene from driving down a road you could simply make it faster to create the timewarp effect. Or if you have a short video of someone jumping in a pool you could simply slow it down to make a slow motion.

If you want to create a funny video try this:

Take a video of yourself or someone else talking, make it slower and it will sound like a drunken person.

A simple and intuitive slider makes it very easy for everyone to create a timelapse or slow motion from an existing video in your iOS photo library. Simply open the app, chose a video from your device and drag the slider to right to make it faster or to the left to make it slower.

You can save the final edited video and send it to someone else using iMessage, Whatsapp or other messengers, or post it on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.