Sunday, September 13

Download Subscribers Counter Android App

Download Subscribers Counter Android App

This app allows you to track, in real time, the amount of subscribers of a Youtube channel.Using the app is very simple. Just search by channel's name and select it from the list. In addition to the total number of subscribers, the number of posted videos and total of views are also displayed. You can also highlight channels.

How to Use : Video Tutorial 

The app also has a widget, which can be used to track the subscribers of highlighted channel more easily. This widget can be positioned on the smartphone's screen and it will update the number of subscribers of the selected channel every 30 minutes.

New Feature! Compare Channels!
Now you can compare channels and follow the difference between the number of subscribers.
You can use this feature to follow the war between T-Series vs PewDiePie to know what is the most subscribed YouTube channel. You can also compare your channel with others.

It is important to clarify that all the information used by the application is public and made available by Youtube itself.