Friday, August 14

Download VR effect Mobile App

Download VR effect Mobile App


View all sorts of life size interactive 3D content up close with Fectar for free, just for fun or to learn something new. This is Augmented Reality.

How to use : Video Tutorial 

Create stunning Videos and Photos with 3D Objects
✔ Supercars️, Animals, Dinos and more
✔ Iron Man, Sonic, Star Wars and more
✔ Fun Games and immersive Escape Rooms
These AR Models, along with many more user-created experiences by our fabulous Creators, are now available in the Fectar app.

Share your Videos and Photos on Social Media
'👍 There is a supercar on my driveway!' or 'Iron man just visited my house! 😮'. Get creative with the hundreds of life-like AR content.

Augmented Reality for Business
Train your new employees more effectively. Share new ideas in just one click. Use hands-on AR learning courses with 3D models to give a lasting impression. Inform your customers of new features and products with an interactive demonstration — show them your product in a way that they will love and never forget! What if a Fashion Vlogger could host a video podcast, as if they were standing in every living room viewer? Everything is possible with Fectar!

Augmented Reality for Education
What would it be like to discover the fossils of a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Or step into an offshore windmill, eh? How about a hands-on lesson in the life-cycle of frogs? Or a closer look at the cross section of a running engine? These, along with many more user-created experiences, are now available in the Fectar app.