Friday, August 28

Download Secure Locker iOS App

Download Secure Locker iOS App

Create a safe vault in your iPhone and prevent your Personal Photos, Videos, Contacts, Passwords, Notes, etc. from being hacked & leaked. Use “Secure Locker” app.

How to Use: Video Tutorial 

Best Features:

Pin Lock and Pattern (Dot) Lock
Decoy (Fake) Password
Break-in Report with Photo + GPS (provided location services are turned on
Easily Backup your content through Wifi on your Password Protected Home Network 
Protects Private Media Content
Store and safeguard personal stuff like contacts, notes, passwords
Provides Extra Security
You can also back up your contacts, passwords, bookmarks easily with click of a button

Choose to have a Numeric Code or Dot Lock to prevent unauthorized accesses to your phone.Protect the real contents by setting up a fake password that creates dummy profile which will show irrelevant content and keep real content private and safe.

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