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Download Pattern Android App Lock

Download Pattern Android App Lock


Applock Fingerprint - Pin & Pattern app lock - call locker Is a security feature that secure your other apps.it prevents access to your apps without a pattern and password.

If you have an applock on Facebook and other social Media Apps, people can,t get into your Facebook app and other social media apps without passwords.
You can use password & Pattern both to protect any specific Apps on your phone and prevent unauthorised access.

How to Use : Video Tutorial 

Pattern Fingerprint call lock features
★ Enable/ Disable call lock for all incoming personal calls.
★ Black list feature allow you to protect these specific numbers. No need to receive every call with pattern or fingerprint.
★ White list feature enables secure call feature for all numbers except some numbers.
★ Hide number and name for incoming caller in secure call application.
★ Disconnection of call on wrong attempts.
★ Feature to take picture on wrong attempts.
★ White list numbers can be helpful in case of lost your mobile and found by some nice person.

Applock Fingerprint - Pin & Pattern app lock - call locker allow you to hide photos and videos from gallery and store them in private vault.
After Download and install This locker app, you will need to create master pattern lock or Pin lock every time to access the applications.

Applock Fingerprint - Pin & Pattern app lock - call locker that allows you to use your fingerprint sensor to lock apps. You can also use a pattern or create a numeric PIN to lock phone app.you can use your fingerprint. When you set up the app it asks for access to your contacts. We were able to reject authorisation without any negative effects. As a plan B for a forgotten pattern.