Sunday, August 23

Download Internet Speed Booster Android App

Download Internet Speed Booster Android App

Optimize your internet browsing experience by boosting your internet speed using 'Net Optimize : DNS Changer'. This app will allow you to select your own DNS server with lowest ping to increase your internet speed.

How to Use : Video Tutorial

App Features:

  • Connect with best DNS server which have shortest response time at real time.
  • Get the list of DNS with ping time and user can choose the DNS.
  • Complete list of running apps which are using internet and to boost internet for better browsing.
  • On connection change of WiFi or mobile data, it opens a dialog to optimize DNS and user can optimize DNS by clicking optimize button.
  • User can view history of mostly used DNS servers with its time and can connect with that server.
  • Repair WiFi connection & get full list of WiFi connections available.
  • Detect WiFi to check and verify its security, also can view details of connected WiFi.
Get details of your current DNS server. Know what ping are you getting. Change DNS server to lower the ping. Also get full details of available WiFi connections. Test your current WiFi network speed and security. Repair WiFi signal strength.