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Download Focos iOS App Now

Download Focos iOS App Now

Focos is a major advance into the fate of computational photography and light-field camera, bringing DSLR-like photography to your iPhone and iPad Pro, with lovely bokeh impacts typically reachable just with proficient enormous opening cameras. With the innovation of computational photography, you can roll out boundless improvements to your photographs, center sometime later, change the gap more than once, and include different lights in 3D space, surpassing the constraints of any altering apparatuses you've known previously. The imaginative potential released by Focos is interminable. 

How to Use : Video Tutorial 

"Focos has for some time been one of the most goal-oriented photograph altering applications on iOS, transforming any photograph into a 'picture mode'- style picture with completely movable profundity of field, regardless of what sort of camera you took it with." 

- Take photographs with shallow profundity of field, without physically painting or making choices. 
- True 3D imaging. 
- Simulate enormous gaps to make genuine bokeh impacts ordinarily just conceivable with DSLR cameras and costly focal points. 
- Import all current photographs and redo the bokeh impact. 
- With the trend setting innovation of AI, it computes the profundity of field naturally for each photograph. 
- Re-center picture photographs that have just been taken, with a basic tap. 
- Choose from different reproduced gap stomachs to create distinctive bokeh spot impacts. 
- Professional choices to mimic focal point attributes, for example, smooth, bilinear, swirly, and reflex impacts, and that's just the beginning. 
- Visualize the profundity of zones inside your representation photographs in a 3D see, and instinctively include profundity channels. 
- Add numerous lights in a 3D space, and change the shading, brilliance, etc for each light. 
- Check the representation picture in reality with increased reality method. 
- It is conceivable to fix the profundity map accurately on iPad with Apple Pencil. 
- Intuitive and simple to use, with worked in video instructional exercises. 
- A fundamental apparatus for all iPhones and iPads.