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Download Best iOS Camera App

Download Best iOS Camera App

RAW+ is a moderate camera for perfectionists and experts. It's consistently manual introduction and supports the RAW organization. Shade and ISO controls are consistently on screen and effectively open by means of enormous sliders(The gap is fixed on the iPhone and along these lines not movable but rather you realized that as of now). Manual center abrogate whenever and custom white equalization settings. Switch propelled includes on or off in the settings menu. 

How to Use : Video Tutorial

Attempt the initial 100 shots for nothing and move up to open until the end of time. 

Manual Exposure-Always 
Manual Focus Override 
Crude Shooting 
Discretionary JPG Shooting 
8 White Balance Presets including Auto and Custom Kelvin 
RGB Histogram 
Network and Level Overlays 
Feature and Shadow Clipping Warnings 
Crude help is accessible on iPhones SE, 6s, 6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus