Download Android App to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Message

 ChatSpy is a free tool that allow you to recover deleted chat text messages (Whatsapp, Messenger ecc..) and also any media attachment,download statusread messages without blue marks.

Recover, Restore, Read:
→Read deleted messages (This message was deleted)
→Save notifications, notification saver (Autosave notifications)
→text messages or deleted text messages.
→media files downloader (download videos, pictures, voice notes, audio, animated gifs and stickers).

Download status:
→Status saver.
→Share and repost status.
→Download Photos, Download Videos, Download Stories.

Unseen Spy Reader(invisibly and incognito):
→You can now read your friends’ messages incognito, without leaving any seen notices or blue check marks.
→ No need to worry about Last Seen and Blue Ticks, you will unseen.
→ If you want to find a message and you are not sure from whom and on which app you received the messages, then search it in Chatspy almost instantly.
→ Find the deals and offers from shopping apps incase if you missed them.
→ You are always on incognito mode while reading your friends messages.

How it works?

1) Install Chatspy
2) Allow Chatspy to save notifications (messages,videos,pics)
3) receive notifications from any app (messages,videos,pics)
4) Chatspy will save all the notifications forever in your phone (messages, pics, videos)

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