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Best 3 Whatsapp Trick 2020

Best 3 Whatsapp Trick 2020

 independant website that brings to you a comprehensive set of handly WhatsApp Tools that can be usefull on certains situations. WhatsApp has some restrictions that can be somewhat annoying, that's why we offer its users some easy solutions to common problems.

How to Use : Video Tutorial 

In you can, for example, easily download the profile image of any WhatsApp user, as long as their privacy settings allow it. You can also check very easily at any time if a phone number is connected to WhatsApp at that moment, as well as receive notifications when it connects. Or you can check if a phone number is registered or was previously registered in WhatsApp. And we offer all this for free.

1. The Check WhatsApp numbers Tool becomes handly to check if a specified phone number is in WhatsApp or not. You only need to select the country code and introduce the phone number, click check and you will now inmediately if that phone uses WhatsApp!

2. With Check WhatsApp online status Tool you can check the current online status of any phone number in WhatsApp at any moment! Doesn't matter if it belong to your contacts or not, just insert the phone number and click the Check online status button. That easy.

3. With the Download WhatsApp Profile Picture Tool you can download anyone WhatsApp profile picture at the moment!, just select the country and type the local phone number, click Get profile picture button and download it! This only works if the WhatsApp profile picture is not private.

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