Friday, July 31

Download MixCam iOS App

Download MixCam iOS App

Get innovative with MixCam and catch invaluable minutes with both the front and back camera simultaneously. Envision the capacity to make live response recordings for your watchers. Film a stunning scene with the back camera and incorporate your live response with the front camera. Portray a video. Snap bunch pictures without being avoided. Your crowd will cherish it since it's so unadulterated and authentic.

MixCam is great for:

Live Reaction Videos

- Daily Vlogs
- Journalism
- Interviews
- Group photos
- And More!

MixCam offers the following features:
- Capture photos or videos with both front and back camera at the same time
- Choose from multiple layout options
- Create front and back live photos
- Group photo mode: Never be left out of a photo again. If you take a group picture, you can now include yourself and #photocred emoji

***The front & back simultaneous camera feature only works on the following devices running iOS 13:
XR,XS,XsMax,iPhone 11 and above.