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Send push notifications from WordPress using pushengage

Send push notifications from WordPress using pushengage

Push notifications are messages that come from a website to which you have subscribed for push notification.You receive them on your desktop or smartphone even when the concerned web page is not open. Push notifications look like SMS text messages and mobile alerts, but they only reach users who have subscribed to them. Each mobile platform has support for push notifications — iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows and BlackBerry all have their own services.

Push notifications have higher Click Rates Over Emails, Which makes them best option for targeting and retaining more users. PushEngage is a platform which provides push notification for your site without any coding part and you can integrate pushengage push notification to your WordPress within 5 minutes.

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Features of PushEngage 
  1. PushEngage Supports Firefox (version 44+) and Chrome (version 42+), on Desktop and Mobile.
  2. Easily implement Push Notifications with in 5 Minutes.
  3. Support both http and https.
  4. Support large Image Notifications for Chrome.
  5. Automatic Notifications With RSS Feed.
  6. Up to 2500 subscriber support in free plan.
  7. Multi level notification support.

How to install PushEngage push notification in WordPress ?

Step1: Go to  and create your account by entering website , email and password.

Step2: Check for site name and image on next screen.

Step3: Go to Pushengage > Setting > Subscription Dialogbox Setting and choose your push notification dialogbox type.

Step4: Now, Go to WordPress > Plugins > Add New and search for “PushEngage”. Install the plugin.

Step5: To activate the plugin you need to get the API Key from your PushEngage account. Go to PushEngage > Setting> Get API key and use it to activate your account.

How to send push notifications from PushEngage ?

After integrating pushengage push notification you can send push notification to your subscribers with one click. To send push notification Go to PushEngage > Notification > New Notification , enter title, message and URL and click on submit.